Cloud Computing Services for Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Enjoy the work-from-anywhere, no-hardware-required convenience of Dr Dale PC Cloud Computing Services. More and more services are moving to the cloud, and it only makes sense for businesses to take advantage of the benefits cloud computing has to offer. You get everything you need instantly without high upfront costs or long installation times. Plus, you get the flexibility of scaling to your specific needs without having to add hardware.


 Cloud Servers

With Dr Dale PC's Cloud Server solutions, we can either store your physical servers in our data centers to ensure proper maintenance and reducing your server storage needs, or we can fully provide cloud storage solutions. Need more file space? We can provide more space without you having to add hard drives or hardware to your own servers. Need details? See the Cloud Servers page or Contact us.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery


Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

With Dr Dale PC's Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery, your data is backed up and stored both locally and in a secure data center. If a problem occurs, you can retrieve your data from your onsite backup system and if that fails, for instance due to fire, flood or earthquake, all your critical information is stored in the cloud where you always have access to it. Prepare today -- find out how to get started.

Cloud Computing Business Continuity

Cloud Business Continuity

Time is money and when a problem occurs and systems go down, many businesses simply cannot afford to go offline even if only for a few hours. They need to ensure that their systems never skip a beat, even when there is a failure. With Dr Dale PC's Cloud Business Continuity all your vital data and applications are backed up in a secure data center, so you can switch in real time to your backup and continue running your business with no downtime. Tell us what your business needs.

Cloud Computing Email

Cloud Hosted Exchange

Why deal with email servers, installation costs, software upgrades and all the other issues involving email systems? Get Dr Dale PC's Cloud Hosted Exchange. Simply pay for how many users you have and your email just works. Simple. Reduce your email hassles: See the Cloud Hosted Exchange page or contact us for details.

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